Zoning Regulations

The Village of Minster has enacted Zoning regulations to conserve and protect property and property values. In addition, these regulations are intended to secure the most aesthetic use of land, to regulate population density and facilitate adequate and economical provisions for public improvements.

Below is a list of the Village's current permit fees for new construction and service taps.

Permit Fees

Electric Permits
$1.00 for permit
$1.00 for service
$1.00 for each room of structure 
Plumbing Permits
$2.00 for permit
$2.00 for each trap
Water Tap Permits
$250.00 for taps 1" or less inside municipal limits
For taps over 1" inside municipal limits the charge will be 150% of the actual replacement cost of material and 150% of actual labor costs combined, but in no case less than $350.00 per service tap.
Sanitary Sewer Tap Permits
$125.00 inside municipal limits
Storm Sewer Tap Permits
$25.00 inside municipal limits
Sprinkler Tap Permits
$400.00 inside municipal limits
Permit fee varies for taps outside of the municipal limits. Contact the Village at 419.628.3497.
Building Permits
$25.00 for permit