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Income Tax

The Village of Minster contracts with the City of St. Marys for the collection and processing of Minster income tax. All questions pertaining to Minster Municipal Income Tax should be directed to 419-394-3303.

Income Tax Forms - Filing Due Date: April 15, 2020

Additional tax forms are available here.

Property Tax

Taxation can sometimes be the deciding factor in locating to a particular community. The Village of Minster's local and county tax levels are particularly attractive. The government is supported by local taxes and a 1.5% income tax. This taxation level is similar to the surrounding communities. Auglaize County also has a 1 percent county permissive retail sales tax. Tax abatements on real personnel are available to businesses depending upon investment.

Taxable value for communities in West Central Ohio is 35 percent of the market value. Specific property tax information can be obtained from the Auglaize County Auditor.

For general information on the general property taxation rates visit the Auglaize County Treasurer.

General Property Tax Rate (per $1000 taxable value)

City 2.20
School 53.17
County 12.50
Township .50
Total Rate 68.37
Total Effective Rate:
Agr/Res $42.958689
Other $62.467251