Electric Department

The Village of Minster owns its own electrical distribution system consisting of three 69,000 KV substations. The Village purchases electrical power through AMP Partners and D.P.&L., then in turn sells to its customers at a competitive retail rate. Through long-term contracts and base load investments the municipal electric system is able to provide some of the lowest electric rates in the state!

The Minster Electric Department is pleased to offer you Energy Depot ®, a new set of online tools and resources to help you better understand and manage your home energy use and costs. Energy Depot ® is your one-stop resource for energy information and it's available free. To get started with Energy Depot, just click the link here.

Minster also has a partnership with Efficiency Smart to bring the benefits of energy efficiency directly to Minster electric customers to help you reduce the cost of making energy-efficient improvements. Efficiency Smart services include rebates for energy-efficient residential appliances and lighting; free removal of old, inefficient refrigerators and freezers from homes; and rebates for more than 90 energy-efficient products and services for businesses. Efficiency Smart also offers technical assistance, account management services, and customized financial incentives for large commercial and industrial customers.

To learn more about how you or your business can begin taking advantage of these savings, visit Efficiency Smart’s website at www.efficiencysmart.org or contact its customer service staff at 1-877-889-3777 or info@efficiencysmart.org.

Looking for information on Minster's green pricing progam? EcoSmart Choice is Minster's green pricing program, which allows customers of participating member electric systems to support renewable energy development. The program is available to both residential and commercial/industrial customers.Visit the EcoSmart Choice website to find more program details and to sign up.

Minster Electric Department

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