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Minster Marathon 54 S. Main Street
Minster Super Wash 462 N. Main Street


Minster Bank 95 W. Fourth Street
Minster Bank Wagner's location 265 E. Fourth Street
US Bank 30 S. Main Street
P.O. Box 110


Donauer's Barber Shop 234 E. Fourth Street
Tom's Brush & Mug 77 S. Main Street

Beauty Salon

Danae's 4th Street Salon 234 E. Fourth Street
Hair-itage Shoppe 54 W. Fourth Street
Hair-Root 66 76 N. Main Street
KS Studio 194 S. Main Street
The Looking Glass Spa/Salon 4225 State Route 66 N

Cable Service

Frontier Communications
1-877-902-4418 or 1-800-921-8101


Minster Chiropractic Center 12-A Eagle Drive
Spieles Chiropractic Clinic 496 N. Main Street
P.O. Box 112