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Posted 02/13/14 by the Town Crier

The Village of Minster is currently accepting applications for summer lifeguard positions. All interested individuals, including past employees, must complete an employment application each year. The application is available online at www.minsteroh....

Posted 02/13/14 by the Town Crier

The Village of Minster contracts with the City of St. Mary’s for the collection and processing of Minster income tax. Income tax forms for 2013 are available for download at
All questions pertaining to Minster municipal...

Posted 02/05/14 by the Town Crier

The Active Older Adult (AOA) lunch for February 6, 2014 has been cancelled. The regular lunch will resume in March.

Posted 01/28/14 by the Town Crier

The Village of Minster continues to offer Minster companies and organizations an advertising opportunity available on You can choose to enhance your basic free listing to include:
·     ...

Posted 01/27/14 by the Town Crier

Small space heaters are typically used when the main heating system is inadequate or when central heating is too costly to install or operate. In some cases, small space heaters can be less expensive to use if you only want to heat one room or supplement inadequate heating in one room. They can also boost the...

Posted 01/24/14 by the Town Crier

The Minster Recycling Center will be closed on January 25, 2014 due to the cold temperatures. Recycling will resume normal hours on February 1st.

Posted 01/21/14 by the Town Crier

Simplify your life by signing up for Automatic Payment. It’s free! And it’s a safe, convenient way to ensure your utility bill is always paid on time. With Auto Pay your utility bill is automatically deducted from your bank account – checking or savings (you choose) – on its due date. Just...

Posted 01/21/14 by the Town Crier

Ohio law requires that all dogs be licensed. The annual license renewal period is December 1st through January 31st.  If you have a new puppy, you must buy a license by the time he/she reaches 3 months old.  If you have just moved into Auglaize County or if you just acquired a new dog, you must purchase a...

Posted 01/16/14 by the Town Crier

The ice at Four Seasons Park has been checked today, January 16, 2014, and is considered safe with a current depth of 6 1/2 inches. The ice depth is checked by drilling holes in several locations from the edge of the bank to the center of the pond. Please be advised the ice is not checked on weekends, holidays or...

Posted 01/15/14 by the Town Crier

Village employees are currently looking for water taps in front of houses throughout town. They are trying to lcoate taps that have sunk into the ground. By locating these taps, it will better enable employees to find them if they should become buried in snow.

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