Winter Disconnects


While the Village Council understands that rising heating costs are affecting nearly every community household, the Village of Minster does not recognize the PUCO ruling to regulate utility disconnections. Service disconnections will continue according to current Village policy.

Households facing Village utility disconnection are urged to contact the Utility Office to discuss payment options and assistance programs available to help with utility bill payment. There are several local and state programs that may be able to help.

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) annually issues a Winter Disconnect Order which regulates how and when electric and natural gas companies can disconnect heating services to those customers subject to disconnection. While this ruling does apply to investor-owned utilities, such as DP&L and Vectren, it does not apply to municipally owned and operated utilities, such as the Village of Minster’s electric services. The Minster Village Council sets operating rules and guidelines for our municipal owned utilities and is not bound by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio; therefore Council may or may not choose to follow the rules established by the PUCO.

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