Village Receiving Power from Solar Field


The construction of the solar field located on the Village’s owned Luedeke Farm was completed late last year and the village began to receive power from the solar field on December 21, 2015.  A joint effort between American Renewable Energy and Power, Half Moon Ventures and the Village of Minster, the solar field has already provided benefits to the Village as noted by John Neuman, Electric Superintendent.  “On Wednesday, January 6th at 1:00 pm, the village actually saw a drop in our overall electrical usage of about 2.5 MW, which is attributed to the solar field. This reduction in load will help the village avoid having to buy power on the open market.”

The Village, through a Power Purchase Agreement with Half Moon Ventures, has agreed to purchase up to 3 MW of electricity that will be generated by the project. The electricity from the solar array will be included in the village’s electric portfolio and will allow the village to become less dependent on the open market, as well as enable the village to reduce transmission and capacity charges.

Half Moon Ventures, American Renewable and Energy, and the Village of Minster are in the process of preparing for a dedication ceremony and open house which will occur sometime this spring.  In addition, the village will soon be launching a page on the village’s website, where the daily output of the solar field can be followed online.

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