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Summer Storm Causes Widespread Power Outage


At approximately 9pm on Friday, June 29th the entire village lost power for several hours as a result of the storms that passed through the area. How did this happen?
The Village’s electrical feed from Dayton Power and Light (DPL) normally comes though a transmission line from DPL’s Amsterdam Road Substation. During the storm, several transmission lines/poles feeding the Amsterdam Road Substation were damaged and caused this substation to go off line. Fortunately, Minster has two feeds from DPL, and power was re-routed from the Covington/Greenville area into the village’s north substation.
Around 9pm, DPL attempted to re-energize the Amsterdam Road Substation through the Covington/Greenville line and the line faulted. Why? There was low voltage on the Covington/Greenville transmission line and the collective power load from both Minster and New Bremen, caused the feed into Minster to fault and a loss of power to the entire village.
At approximately midnight to 12:30 am on June 30, DPL rectified the fault on the Covington/Greenville line and once again began to feed Minster. Unfortunately, the feed coming into the village was low and community members were encouraged to restrict usage.
The low voltage situation was rectified on July 1, 2012.

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