Summer Concert Series - Tom Todd - Jimmy Buffet Tribute "Trip to Buffettville" - Minster


Sunday, July 30th  6:30 p.m.— 8:00 p.m.
Minster Machine Centennial Park Gazebo

Cast off, put on your flip-flops and grab your boat drinks for a cruise to Island Party Paradise, with Tom Todd's Tribute to the Music of Jimmy Buffett! Jimmy Buffet's music has been and is still incredibly popular with listeners young and old.  Even before WASTING AWAY IN MARGARITAVILLE came out (more than 25 years ago!) there was a growing number of people who recognized his music for what it was: fun songs that praise the joys of the water, the beaches, the boating, the relaxing, yes, the drinking, the girl watching, and pretty much all the joys of living.  And what's wrong with that?!  In this ever accelerating world of hassle and worry and pressure, we need people to remind us that it's OK to slow down, smell the roses, sip the boat drinks and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Tom Todd captures this true 'parrot head' feel. He has an excellent list of Buffett and other party-time, good-time songs, excellent for shows and events with an island theme. He plays and sings the songs perfectly and even looks and dresses like the original!  Tom Todd is an amazing performer! Singing and playing acoustic and electric guitars, he sounds like the original parrothead! Backing tracks provide thecomplete, full rhythm of a 5-piece band!

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