Solar Energy Storage Facility


The Village of Minster, the investment firm of Half Moon Ventures, American Renewable Energy and Power and S & C Electric Company recently announced a joint effort to construct a 7 megawatt energy storage facility that will use lithium-ion batteries to store electricity. Once completed, the project will be one of the largest energy storage systems in Ohio.
This storage facility which will be located adjacent to the Village’s north substation on Ohio Street will work in combination with the 3 megawatt solar field currently being constructed and will enable smoother solar integration onto the grid and improve power quality for the Village. 
The Village and HMV will benefit from four unique revenue streams, which will offset the costs of grid improvements while improving the rate of return.  The Village will use the energy storage system to defer transmission and distribution costs, improvement power quality, and shave peak demand. Half Moon Ventures will be able to sell into PJM’s frequency regulation market, which helps to provide grid reliability for more than 60 million customers.
The Village has entered into a power purchase agreement for both the energy storage system and the solar field, so there is no monetary cost other than metering that the Village will incur to put in this system.
Work on the solar part of the project is currently under way and S & C Electric plans to start work on the energy storage system within the next couple of weeks.

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