Snow Reminders


The first big winter snow storm of the season will be here soon enough. Keep these snow-related tips in mind when the next snow storm occurs.

· Shoveling or blowing snow from sidewalks and drives onto the street makes for more work when the snow plows travel back through and the snow ends up right back in the driveway.  It also causes hazardous areas in the roadway.

· When cleaning drives, snow should be shoveled to the right of the driveway when you are facing the street.  Then when the snowplow comes through, minimal snow will be pushed back into your drive

· Snow should also be removed, in a timely manner, from any sidewalks.

· When possible, remove parked vehicles from streets and cul-de-sacs.

· Stay off of streets if at all possible.

· Shovel or blow snow from your drives and walks to areas away from public streets.

· Be patient and thoughtful.  Village employees are out there working on your behalf.

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