Wastewater personnel have reported an increased volume of sanitary products, undergarments and disposable diapers at all of the lift stations.  The past several months the lift station pumps serving the Parkview and Rosebud subdivisions were pulled multiple times due to blockages with rags and garments. This has caused pump damage to the point of near failure.  Residents in these sections could experience raw sewage backup in their homes if the pumps were to fail.

Here’s a short list of ways to do your part in keeping the sanitary sewers and all of the lift stations in good working order:

**Never flush feminine hygiene products, disposable diapers, diaper wipes, cleaning wipes/ rags, clothing, or food down the toilet.

**Never pour cooking grease down the drain. Freeze it in a suitable, non-recyclable container and dispose of it in the trash.

**If any cooking oil or grease gets in your drain, immediately flush the drain with cold water.  

**Do not dispose of paint, harsh chemicals, cleaning solvents, gasoline or any other flammable liquids in toilets or drains. 

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