Sarah Bertke’s Four Seasons Park Project


My Gold Award project at the park is now completed.  The second and final part of my project was planted on Saturday, October 15th.  Like the first planning last October 2015, I had many volunteers show up to help me plant the final 500 perennials and bulbs, many of which were different varieties from those we planted last fall.  Altogether we planted over 1,500 plants at the park.  Over 500 of them were donated by Minster residents.

The finished nature area includes a walkway and a learning circle, as well as a small sitting area with tree stumps, where small groups can gather.  A birdhouse made by a Minster resident will also be added next spring.  My goal was to create a nature area which would add color and biodiversity to the park, as well as encourage and foster a balanced ecosystem.  This latter goal was to develop the educational aspect of my project.

The completion of Phases 1 and 2 was only possible with the generous financial assistance and donation of many people.  I received donations from many local businesses, organizations, and individuals.  I also received grant money and had a small fundraiser.  Although I was unable to collect enough funding to complete Phase 3 and add the interpretive signage, I was immensely happy with how my project has allowed me to meet many wonderful people and learn a lot about my community and about myself.  When I walked away from my finished project on the 15th, I felt a great sense of accomplishment – not just for me but for the entire community – it was a group effort and we did it!

Thanks again to everyone who was a part of it!

Sarah Bertke

UPDATE:  Sarah's Gold Award has been accepted by the Girl Scout Board!  CONGRATULATIONS, SARAH!

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