Minster Electric Superintendent Wins Safety Award


John Neuman, Village Electric Superintendent, recently received the AMP Hard Hat Safety Award.
"John exemplifies safety in every aspect of his job as Superintendent with the village.  Not only does he adhere to all safety regulations, John ensures that every employee adheres to safety regulations as well.  From digging in underground wire to repair of energized lines, each employee under John's guidance must wear all proper safety equipment and adhere to all safety regulations.  John is a strong believer in conducting tailgate meetings about what safety measures need to be taken before starting each job.  He attends all safety meetings and makes sure no matter how busy the department is that all employees attend the monthly safety meetings as well.  John checks all safety equipment to make sure it is clean and is in proper working order before allowing an employee to begin work and is an advocate for any new safety equpment that comes out on the market that would be beneficial for his department."  

"John works with the vendors and committee members during the local Oktoberfest to promote electric safety and to ensure all workers and attendees enjoy the festivities free of all electrical hazards.  John's commitment to safety is best exemplified by his department been awarded RP3 status by the American Public Power Association for the last nine years while he has been superintendent," commented Village Administrator Don Harrod.
Congratulations, John!

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