Minster Civic Association's Monthly Meeting


The Minster Civic Association held its monthly meeting at The Minster Dental Center on Tuesday Feb 27 at 6pm.  After 30 minutes of social time we were informed as to the development of the addition to the Minster Dental Center.  Drs. Shawn Sharp, James Overman, James Meiring, Philip Slonkosky, Tracy Mayers and Heather Woehrmyer were present to assist in the tours of the renovated office.  Many of their associates were also present to assist in informing the Civic Members as to services available.  The center now offers surgical treatment with anesthesia, special services for children and in house manufacturing of crowns.  Crowns can be made in as little as 30 minutes.

Following the tour we enjoyed pizza and wings provided by Buds Pizza.

Our business meeting was started by a presentation by Douglas A. Spencer, Auglaize County Commissioner who is running for re-election this year. We were informed as to his views on several subjects of interest to Auglaize County citizens. Tony Schmiesing next opened the meeting with a discussion as to possible donation to the YMCA, following last month’s informational meeting. It was proposes to donate $2,500 to the YMCA now, and to consider a second donation later in the year.  The members voted in agreement of this motion. We heard presentations from Brenda Boeke regarding upcoming school renovations and from Don Harrod regarding ongoing and upcoming village projects.

Our next meeting will be March 27 at the Wooden Shoe with a presentation on the  TriStar 2.0 Expansion Project .

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