Ice Safety at Four Seasons


Four Seasons Park is a wonderland for outdoor winter activities. From ice skating, to riding down the sledding hill, to cross country skiing or curling. Four Seasons is the place to be this winter!

nfortunately, you can't judge the strength of ice just by its appearance, age, thickness, temperature, or whether or not the ice is covered with snow.  While there are loads of fun to be had, there are several safety factors the Village considers before allowing various activities. For example, there must be a minimum of four inches of solid ice before any public announcement is made about opening the ice for activities. The ice depth is checked by drilling holes at several locations from the edge of the bank to the center of the pond. Please be advised, the ice is not checked on weekends, holidays or evenings so users should be aware that ice that was determined safe one day, may not be safe the next.

Please refer to the signs posted around the pond for ice availability. 

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