Help Keep Parks and Public Areas Clean


Taking a dog for a walk is a fun thing to do. Along with the fun comes responsibility such as controlling your pets while at the park and cleaning the area upon departure. To ensure all patrons enjoy local parks and walkways, please keep the following in mind:

*Pick up and properly dispose of dog waste.

*Make sure your dog is always under control, by leash or voice command, and is no more than 25 yards away.

*All dogs should wear a collar or harness with current license and rabies tags while enjoying local parks.

Most park visitors bring their own plastic bags to pick up their pet’s waste. Once you’ve cleaned up the waste there are two options to properly dispose of it:

*Seal the bag and take it with you when you leave.

*Put the sealed bag in the trash barrels located throughout the local parks.

*Four Seasons Park has two locations to pick up bags and deposit dog waste; front parking lot north of the Barney playground, and on the west side of shelter #5.

While your dog may be a loving, well-behaved member of your family, please remember others may not share this same view.

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