East Fifth Street Improvement Project Progressing Nicely


Since this winter has remained relatively mild, Beaverdam Contracting has made good progress on the East Fifth Street Improvement Project.  Beaverdam Contracting has installed most of the underground utilities on the project and have started to excavate Fifth Street and a small portion of Pleasant Drive.  Once the area is excavated, stone is being placed in the excavated area to build a base for the street.  Once the base of the street is rebuilt, curb and gutter will be installed.  Work will then be done on installing sidewalks, finish grading and finally installation of the asphalt road way.  This same work will also be completed on a portion of Paris Street and Hamilton Street as well.

Village electrical crews have also been busy on the Fifth Street Project.  Electrical crews have installed a new underground service to several homes and to the nursing home.  This new service will allow the electrical department to remove existing overhead lines and poles down Fifth Street.  Once curb and gutter are installed on the project, electrical crews will be placing conduit behind the curb so that street lighting can be installed in the future.

If the weather remains good, it is Beaverdam Contracting’s goal to have the project completed well before the required deadline.

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