The Village Compost Facility is available to residents as a place to dispose of yard wastes. The Ohio EPA does place operating restrictions on the site and debris that can be deposited. In addition, the Village has implemented operating procedures regulating various aspects of the facility. The following is a quick highlight of the most frequently asked questions:

  • The facility is open for material deposit from dawn to dusk every day.
  • All yard wastes must be deposited on the appropriate pile (grass with grass and branches with branches) NO comingling.
  • Plastic bags, construction and demolition materials are prohibited.

DON'T PUT OR BLOW GRASS OR LEAVES IN THE GUTTER! Not only is it illegal, but everything that goes in the gutter winds up in our catch basins and storm pipes. Unlike wastewater generated when you flush the toilet or wash the dishes, storm water is not cleaned or treated, so anything that goes to the storm drain ends up in the waters of the Miami-Erie Canal.

Another way to help our storm water system is to avoid washing vehicles on the driveway. All of the soap, scum, and oily grit will run down into the street and into a catch basin. Soap and oily grit aren’t good for the canal ecosystem. Wash the car on the lawn instead of the street or driveway.

Our storm drainage system is designed to move rainwater from the streets. It cannot handle trash, leaves, grass, or other solid materials - including animal waste or feces. These things will clog up the pipes and then cause backup and flooding when it rains.

Be a good neighbor and don't plug the drain!

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