Do I need a Zoning Permit?


With spring right around the corner, it typically also means an increase in construction activities. It is the goal of the Village of Minster Official Zoning Code to protect the public’s health, safety, and general welfare by ensuring that properties and structures within the community are well-designed and maintained.

A Zoning (Building) Permit is a contract between the Village and applicant, which authorizes the location, erection, construction, re-construction, enlargement, or structural alteration of any building or structure within the Village. The application form explains in detail the work to be done. This often requires construction drawings or site plans to adequately explain the work proposed. If the work conforms to the Village code, a permit will be issued.  In some cases, additional information or corrections prior to approval are necessary.

Sometimes on a particular property, extraordinary circumstances may exist making strict enforcement of the zoning regulations unreasonable. A variance, granted by the Zoning Board of Appeals, provides the flexibility necessary to allow this type of activity.

If you plan to erect, locate, construct, re-construct, enlarge, or structurally alter any building, fence, patio, or structure within the Village, a zoning permit is required. Zoning permits are also required for all sign installations. Before beginning construction, check with the Zoning Administrator to determine if a permit is required. 

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