Compost Facility is Not Dumping Grounds


The Village Compost Facility is available to Minster residents as a place to dispose of yard wastes. The Ohio EPA licenses the Village to operate this Class IV facility. With this designation, the Village is restricted to what it can and cannot accept at the facility; only source-separated yard waste can be accepted at this time.
Unfortunately, there has been an increased volume of materials left at the site that is specifically prohibited by the EPA, namely construction lumber and debris. The Village recently hired a contractor to grind the existing yard waste piles into compost and there was extensive damage done to the contractor’s equipment because of the “junk” hidden in the piles. Just because it was once a tree does not make it compostable.
Please keep these rules in mind when visiting the Compost Facility:

  • The facility is open for material deposit from dawn to dusk every day
  • All yard wastes must be deposited on the appropriate pile (grass with grass and branches with branches) NO comingling.
  • Plastic bags, construction and demolition materials are prohibited

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