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Thyme to Eat Right - Heritage Center

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"No Guilt Treats" - We will learn how to eat the things we enjoy with no sugar added.  Food demos, recipes and of course samples to try.
Fuel up with Happiness
Lifestyle - Exercise - Attitude - Nutrition
Are you thinking it might be Thyme to Eat Right?
Michelle truly believes in whole food nutirtion, which means real quality food to sustain happy life.  Michelle is certified from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute where she completed her training and certification for L.E>A>N> as a certified Health Coach.
Michelle is happy in the kitchen and her focus is to show her clients how to incorporate delicious, nutritious food for themselves and their families for a healthier lifestyle.
Her services include Traffic Light Eating demos, Pantry makeovers, Grocery Shopping Trips and Food Classes.
Michelle's goal is to Educate, Motivate and Guide those that are seeking to make a happier life.
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Posted 04/17/19 by the Town Crier
Posted 04/17/19 by the Town Crier
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Posted 04/16/19 by the Town Crier