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Space Station Armstrong - Neil Armstrong Air & Space Museum - Wapakoneta

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Repeats every day until Sun Aug 27 2017 .
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Saturday, visit the museum and build your own space station with kids from across the world. The Earth's national and regional space agencies built the International Space Station one module at a time. You will employ that same method as we launch our own modules throughout the day. Each module will be made of cardboard and participants can use their imagination to determine what purpose each unit will serve. Weather permitting.
Sunday, use shoe boxes or similarly sized containers to build a smaller scale space station inside the Museum. Decorate each module to indicate if it is intended for living quarters, scientific research, or station operations. Admission required for smaller-scale space station.
Also, the larger-scale space station assembled on Saturday will be available to take on its first astronaut crews. Weather permitting.
Both days, we'll examine how living in space is possible, with demonstrations of growing food, water filtration, and zero-G fitness.

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