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“The Queen of Bingo” Dinner Theater - The Overdrive in Celina

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Get ready for a night of great food & theater performance of “The Queen of Bingo” (by Off Stage Productions, Inc) live at Overdrive on Sunday, October 29th.  This is a fundraiser event for the Maria Stein Shrine, so please come out and support them!
This play is an exploration of the world of sisterhood, weight issues, romance, winning, losing, and Bingo!  The sisters are very different individuals bound together by genetics, history and love.  Both a bit lonely at this stage in their lives, each has found a different balm.  Babe enjoys being the center of attention, but she also has a real issue about her size.  She has a tendency to mood swings and her buttons are easily pushed.  Sis is a quiet gal who enjoys involving herself in her activities and other people’s lives.  And she knows just which buttons to push.  All their best and worst qualities come out on this one night at church Bingo.  They both need a change in the lives and routine-and tonight just might be their lucky night!

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