Statistics are one thing, but the right work ethic must also be present. Do Minster people believe in a strong work ethic? You bet! It may be that they were brought up in a strong farming community and acquired the work ethic involved in running a prosperous farm, whatever the reason, Minster area residents believe in quality and hard work.

With a population of 2,805 persons from the 2010 census, Minster continues to attract new residents and businesses as opportunities abound in the community. The labor force of Auglaize and neighboring Shelby and Mercer counties, based on place of residence, exceeds 60,000 persons; within a 30 mile radius this number increases to approximately 149,000.

The unemployment rate corresponds to the unemployment rate in the State of Ohio. With businesses and industries prospering in Minster, residents and area persons employed in Minster find the entry wages to be more than satisfactory.

The quality work ethic and abundance of hard working employees make Minster an ideal
community for business.


Source: 2007 Workforce Analysis One Stop Employment and Training Network


• Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) – The Dannon Company
• United Steel Workers – The Minster Machine Company

There have been no union strikes within the past ten years.

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